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Organizations targeting an aggressive growth strategy have many things to optimize. The least customer would want to be concerned about are challenges related to payroll management or payroll processing. These are operational, yet mandatory processes. Managing error free operations consistently for payroll processing in India and globally can be very challenging.

How Payroll Outsourcing Can Be A Boon For Startups & SMEs

Payroll used to be a tedious & interminable task when technology didn’t pitch in. Nowadays, payroll management has got easy on your business as it doesn’t take much time to be done. It is certainly the concept of paying salaries to employees in lieu of the work that they pursue.

VISCAP help you with fully integrated Payroll Outsourcing solution to process your employees Payroll,

  • SAP
  • Non SAP Software (Any)

There are various ways as to how a company can carry on payroll procedure- excel, automation, & outsourcing.
Maintaining the track through excel seems like a long-hauling procedure as an employee or admin manually enters every detail in the template, automating the system not only enables the HR department to practice an error-free & time-saving payroll but also helps them to provide a personal touch (well, automation costs too much for startups & SMEs), outsourcing helps the firm to concentrate on their running business & be compliant with the statutory laws.

VISCAP provides software for doing calculations and tracking the complete data. Precisely, if your company is a budding startup or SME, there could be no best way other than having an outsourced payroll. We will tell you how with these listed points:

  1. Time Management
    There are two crucial parts of a company- people & time and companies enroll themselves on anything which can help them save and utilize both. With manual payroll, companies will end up investing a lot of unnecessary time in calculating, reporting, & maintaining a proper track.But, an outsourcing firm which has expertise in the field for many years, can finish it in very less time plus maintain the accuracy & security of data. So, saving time to complete other pending works is important because the world has switched over smart work.
  2. Cost-effective
    SMEs and startups can save a lot on a person’s salary by giving the responsibility to an outsourced firm or agency. Today, many outsourced functions are cloud-based which ensure that nothing goes wrong ( by maintaining the proper accuracy).
  3. Accurate and SecuredWell, many firms or agencies provide complete accuracy and security to company’s data as it revolves around building their own goodwill. According to some surveys, HR consulting firms make sure that clients’ data doesn’t get leaked at all so that the relationship remains intact for a longer-term.Additionally, there are few outsourcing firms which don’t let the data get stored in their database. Hence, providing a complete secured way of operations.
  4. Quick Adaptation
    People and consultants who hold expertise in the particular area help companies to enable quick & easy set-up with the payroll system. Even if new employees join or if there are any alterations like tax deductions, insurance, and others, the system completes it over the blink of an eye (within seconds).
  5. Compliance with the laws
    Companies are bound to adhere to state or country’s laws and failing to do so, can lead to catastrophic consequences. Many startups or SMEs end up paying unwanted penalties because of their apathy towards payroll or petty tasks.An HR consulting firm helps them to be compliant with all these without even hindering the running business.
  6. Reporting
    In many firms, after the preparation of payroll, the HR department submits the complete report to the higher management. If done manually, employees usually take time to cross-check but if it is done with the help of technology, there remains minimal chances of error.

VISCAP Smart Payroll outsourcing solution that automates your Payroll Process,

A fully integrated Payroll Outsourcing solution

  • Payroll Processing and Corrections – simple, secure automated & responsive to your business
  • Streamline payroll, optimize productivity and improve administration
  • Automated Payroll processing allow for repetitive tasks to be scheduled and completed automatically
  • Emphasis on data security and data confidentiality

Business Benefits:

  • Handover all your headaches to payroll outsourcing companies and get relief from payroll hassles.
  • You can be assured of accurate payroll processing, on-time every time.
  • No need to make any technology investments, we take care of that for you.
  • We understand that payroll is a sensitive topic and maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Get custom reports to enable faster decision making across the organization.
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